With the rise of increasing fuel prices in India, there has been an increase in the rise of CNG vehicles as well. But besides curbing the prices, CNG vehicles are also a good option of fuel types when it comes to following eco-friendly measures. People these days are not only looking to explore the CNG vehicles but also to cut down on carbon emissions as well as keep a check on the monthly rising fuel prices.

Some of the most obvious advantage of CNG is that it does not come in liquid form. Hence, CNG being a gas, it disperses quickly in the worst-case scenario and does not spill or remain in the proximity of the car creating the likelihood of a fire hazard. CNG is lighter than air and so the gas will simply move further away from your vehicle.

Other advantages of CNG cars include:

Easy availability

Since there are fewer vehicles with CNG installed, one does not have to stand in the huge line waiting for their turn to fill their fuel tanks.


As CNG cars are not run-on petrol or diesel, they are also significantly light on your pocket besides impacting the environment a little less.

Cheaper vehicle price

CNG is a cheaper alternative to the expensive fuel types like petrol or diesel, so you get the benefit of affordability and higher returns on fuel efficiency compared to other cars.

Cleanest fuel

Did you know CNG cars have less residue when compared to petrol or fuel, making it the cleanest fuel type. They put less pressure on the pipes and tubes of the engine, thereby increasing the engine’s lifespan too.

Optimum oil usage

CNG puts less pressure on engine oil. Hence, they also prolong the life of lubricating oils for vehicles.

Multiple options

With CNG installed in your vehicle, you get the liberty of choosing the fuel options you want it to be, be it petrol, or diesel. Hence CNG cars are also called bi-fuel vehicles.

New technologies

With modern technological advancement, the performance of CNG cars is almost similar to gasoline.

At first the CNG stations were available only in metropolitan cities but today, it is available in semi-urban and urban areas near the highways, making it easily accessible to the CNG car owners. Apart from that, the Government of India is also trying to make the supply of CNG available in petrol stations to give easy and convenient access to CNG owners.

In the current scenario if you see, there will always be work going on for CNG supply throughout the country. Several new CNG pumps are also coming up, the sole reason being CNG is a green gas and has very less pollution in the air compared to other fuels.