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It’s safe

PNG gas is lighter than air. It has a great safety record. In case of leakage PNG just rises and disperses into thin air hence avoiding spontaneous flammability.

It’s eco-friendly

PNG is mainly Methane (CH4) with a low percentage of other higher hydrocarbons which burns up to 95%, making it the cleanest burning fuel. It does not leave any unpleasant soot, ash or odour.

It’s economical

Save more with PNG as compared to other conventional fuels. You only pay for how much you use.

It’s non-stop

PNG is being supplied through pipe 24X 7 and offers continuous and adequate supply at all times.

It’s convenient

No hassle of booking a LPG cylinder or waiting for the delivery.

It’s versatile

PNG can be used for a number of applications like Heating, Power Generation, Cooking, Air-conditioning etc.

Low maintenance cost

With PNG, there is no soot or ash accumulation and greasy spillages from the appliances hence maintenance costs are almost negligible.

No Storage Required

PNG does not require any storage tank or storage space since it is supplied to you through pipelines. Now use that additional space in your kitchen for other purposes.

Benefits of Commercial PNG

No spillage and pilferage

Since PNG is supplied through pipes chances of spillage and pilferage are none.

Easy Calculation

With every bill comes a detailed consumption analysis to help you understand your usage.