CNG is everyone’s Best Friend Forever. Whether you are the kind who loves to save money, or the kind that goes the extra mile to save the environment. Whether you are a car lover or take cautious steps to ensure your family’s safety. CNG is your type of fuel. It loves what you love – environment, savings, car maintenance and safety.

A type of Natural Gas, CNG should be your #NaturalChoice. Here’s why.

It’s Eco-friendly:

Gases emitted from vehicles harm the environment. Engines running on CNG emit less hydrocarbon exhaust than other vehicles running on other fuels; making it more sustainable. If we were to compare cars fuelled by petrol or diesel, natural gas vehicles emit 70% less carbon monoxide (CO), 87% less non-methane organic gas (NMOG), 87% less nitrogen oxide (NOx) and 20% less carbon dioxide (CO2); almost 2—30% fewer greenhouse gases and 95% fewer tailpipe emissions. It is the cleanest burning fuel in the market today because of its lower carbon content. Since CNG fuel systems are completely sealed, CNG vehicles produce no evaporative emissions.

It’s Pocket-Friendly:

CNG is cost-effective than petrol and diesel. The cost of running a CNG vehicle is almost 40-50% cheaper. Since CNG ensures low operating cost, the demand for CNG vehicles is on the  rise.

It’s Car-friendly:

The functioning of a CNG fuel system is different from conventional fuel systems, CNG cars require a different kind of maintenance. In the earlier blog linked here ( we share are some easy tips that help you maintain your CNG car efficiently.

It’s Family-friendly:

For you safety of your family is top-most priority and when there is a gas cylinder in your car, it sure does not generate much confidence. However, CNG cars are considered as much safer. They pass through very stringent protocols and thus are highly reliable. You can also fit CNG kits from third parties but you need to ensure that you get a branded CNG Kit fitted from authorised retro-fitters only.

A crucial step in taking care of your CNG car is checking and replacing air filter at regular intervals. The air filter of your car helps in the smooth functioning of its engine as it prevents dust, dirt, and other contaminants from entering the engine. A clean air filter ensures smooth functioning of the engine and also improves the mileage of your car.