As the world is moving towards sustainable solutions, it can be seen that people are opting for more and more domestic PNG at home and in commercial setups like snack shops, restaurants, resorts, hostels, canteen, etc. As per data provided by PNGRB, as of 31.12.2020, the total number of domestic PNG connections in India was approximately 72.47 lakh. Hence, we can see that people are welcoming PNG with open arms.

In this blog, we will look at the major benefits of PNG. But before we proceed ahead let us get an understanding of what PNG is.

What is PNG?

Natural Gas is mainly composed of Methane (CH4) and it also has a small percentage of other higher hydrocarbons. The good part about Natural Gas is that it burns almost completely, leaving the environment clean and healthy. The reason why it burns up almost completely is that the ratio of Carbon to Hydrogen is least in Methane. The Natural Gas is procured from the oil/gas well and then through a network of pipelines, it is transported to various places.

PNG stands for Piped Natural Gas, which is supplied to the consumers through Mild Steel (MS) and polyethylene (PE) pipelines. It can be used for many other purposes. Here are some of the many benefits of PNG.

When there is a gas leak, it results in leaking carbon monoxide that replaces the oxygen in the surrounding and the plants. When there is a gas leak the greenery around (garden, balcony plants, vegetation, etc.) will start turning brown and rusty. If you notice such signs around, be vigilant.

  • Safe

When compared to air, PNG is lighter. It also has a great safety record. In any emergency, if there is a leakage in PNG, it will just rise and disperse into the thin air, avoiding any spontaneous flammability.

  • Eco-friendly

As mentioned earlier, PNG is one of the cleanest burning fuels, hence it leaves no unpleasant soot, ash or odour and is completely natural. It is one of the best forms of fuel that has a promising future and can help lower our carbon footprint.

  • Economical & Low Maintenance Cost

If we compare PNG with other conventional fuels, it can be seen that you save more money by opting for PNG. You only have to pay for how much you have consumed. There are no extra costs.

With PNG, there is no soot or ash accumulation and greasy spillages from the appliances hence maintenance costs are almost negligible.

  • Convenience

Haven’t we also once in our life waited for a LPG cylinder after booking it? There might have been instances when the cylinder might have finished suddenly and you would have faced a problem in cooking. With PNG, there is no hassle of booking or waiting for your cylinder to arrive. You can enjoy non-stop cooking without worrying that the cooking gas will finish.

  • Versatile

PNG gas can be used for a wide number of applications- whether it is for cooking, heating, air-conditioning, power generation, etc.

  • As PNG gas is supplied through pipelines, it does not require any storage tank or a dedicated storage space. Even in the kitchen you are not required to allocate a designated space for the cylinder.

As PNG gas is supplied through pipelines, it does not require any storage tank or a dedicated storage space. Even in the kitchen you are not required to allocate a designated space for the cylinder.

  • No spillage and pilferage

In case of fuels like HSD and LDO, there are considerable chances of spillage and pilferage. In case of PNG these losses are invariably done away with, as PNG is supplied through pipes.

  • Easy Billing

Every month the bill comes for the amount of PNG you have consumed and it also provides a detailed consumption analysis to help you better understand your usage patterns.

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IOAGPL is one of the leading providers of PNG solutions. Till now we have catered to 110+ industrial, 160+ commercial and 70,000 + domestic customers all over the country.

Have you still not got your PNG connection? If you are convinced by these great benefits of PNG and wish to get a connection for domestic, commercial or industrial purpose, reach out to us for further inquiry.