India is fast transitioning from petrol/diesel to natural gas and it is evident from the constant and blatant rise in the number of CNG cars and CNG vehicles running through the roads of the country. The city dwellers, especially the people living in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Pune, Cochin, Ahmedabad, are increasingly and consciously choosing CNG variant when buying a new car.

The move to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has accelerated in last few years as it is looked upon as the future fuel by the common man as well as the experts and the policy makers. While the move is a natural outcome of the constantly rising prices of petrol and diesel, the fact that CNG is an eco-friendly fuel also plays a major role in influencing people’s choice of fuel in modern India.

Here’s what makes CNG an ideal fuel alternative for our better future and for the better future of our planet.

• Cost-effective

It is an undeniable fact that CNG costs lesser than petrol/diesel. For those who need to drive over 30 kms every day, CNG is the ideal alternative to petrol/diesel to save a big chunk of money spent on fuel. CNG can be as much as 55% cost effective compared to petrol and 25% cost effective compared to diesel.

• Low Emissions

Vehicles running on CNG emit relatively less carbon dioxide. As per an estimate, carbon emissions by CNG vehicles are less by 30% when compared to the petrol/diesel vehicles. Besides this, CNG also emits lesser Nitrogen Oxide and other harmful matter during combustion. Lower emissions mean lesser harm to the environment, which is a major concern amid climate change issues bothering the entire world today.

• Sustainable and Pollutant-free

CNG is largely composed of methane which burns cleanly. Unlike petrol, CNG does not produce sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxides which cause high pollution. Also, methane can be obtained easily from biological waste, thus making it a sustainable fuel which can be supplied for decades to come without any fuel shortages.

• Higher Safety

CNG can resist extreme pressure, heat and crash impacts which makes it one of the safest fuels. The gas tanks are made of sturdy materials such as carbon fibre-reinforced plastic which render the tanks its higher safety quotient. Besides, CNG cylinders are tested to be less harmful, less dangerous as they are placed in a specific way and exert gas more than a particular pressure or heat.

• Good for Long Distance Travel

A car fuelled by CNG can run for 300-400 kms. at one go. With several CNG stations already set up in the country and more stations being set up every year, it only gets more convenient and cost-effective to travel long distance in CNG fueled car.

CNG is cheaper on pockets, good for environment and high on safety and sustainability. It’s time we embrace the futuristic fuel and drive towards a better future with CNG.